Dynadot NON – API

Dynadot NON – API Drop Catcher
This software does not require an API key or bulk account. The non api software can register up to 20 domain names per second. The software is easy to use. Simply load in the domains you’d like to catch, your username, password & the software does the rest! Register domain names in realtime!

The software works for all major domain extensions including Top Level Domains .COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ .TEL and Country Code Domains .CO .TV .ME .EU .PL .IN.

You can set a start & stop time. No need to be at your computer while you drop catch! A full log file is saved once the software is done catching domains.

This software can run side by side with the API drop catcher software to double your chances.

Price $149.99 USD

  Domain Lists Supported By Registrar

Last Update: January 24th 2010

Contact us if you have any questions or support issues.
Dynadot NON – API: com, net, org, biz, info, mobi, asia name, tel, ws, us, cn, com.cn, net.cn org.cn, tv, in, co.in, net.in, org.in, firm.in gen.in, ind.in, cc, co.uk, me.uk, org.uk, eu me, be

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