Dynadot – Desktop Drop Catcher
The Dynadot.com Desktop Drop Catcher software uses your Dynadot API key. An API key is provided to every Dynadot account. If you have a bulk or super bulk account, your pricing per domain will be lower than regular account pricing. Domains are registered instantly into your Dynadot account. The Dynadot Desktop Drop Catcher is recommended for it’s serialized efficiency to obtain a central registry connection.The software supports input from raw text format and gives you real time feedback on drop catching progress. It also supports basic scheduling that enables you to pre-program today’s drops and leave the software on fire and forget.

The Dynadot Desktop Drop Catcher supports drop catching of the following TLDs:

  • com
  • org
  • net
  • me
  • tv
  • in
  • info
  • co
  • mx
  • eu
  • de
  • us
  • biz
  • co.uk
  • tel
  • mobi
  • so
  • ws
  • pl
  • be
  • cc
  • asia
  • org.uk
  • xxx
  • cn
  • com.cn
  • net.cn
  • org.cn
  • name
  • me.uk
  • com.mx
  • co.in
  • net.in
  • org.in
  • firm.in
  • gen.in
  • ind.in
  • com.co
  • net.co
  • nom.co
  • com.pl
  • net.pl
  • org.pl
  • info.pl
  • biz.pl
  • com.so
  • net.so
  • org.so

Order the Dynadot Desktop Drop Catcher software today and receive free updates for life.

Price $149.99 USD

Dynadot Products
Dynadot API – Based Drop Catcher
The dynadot API drop catching software works with your dynadot account’s API key. The key is obtained by prefunding your account $500 or more every year. If you have a bulk account, you already have an API key. Domains are registered instantly into your account.
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Price $ 149.99 USD

Dynadot NON – API Drop Catcher
This software does not require an API key or bulk account. The non api software can register up to 20 domain names per second. The software is easy to use. Simply load in the domains you’d like to catch, your username, password & the software does the rest! Register domain names in realtime!
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Price $ 149.99 USD

Dynadot IDN – API Based Drop Catcher
This software catches IDN (Internationalized) domain names. These are the languages Dynadot supports
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Price $ 149.99 USD

Domain Lists Supported By Registrar

Last Update: December 31st 2011

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Dynadot: com, net, org, biz, info, mobi, de, asia, name, tel, ws, us, cn, com.cn, net.cn org.cn, tv, in, co.in, net.in, org.in, firm.in gen.in, ind.in, cc, co.uk, me, me.uk, org.uk, eu me, be

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