Getting Started Guide

Drop Catching Software – Getting Started Guide

This guide will provide an understanding of how the drop catch software
works and helps in getting users started.

This guide will cover these areas:

Whitelist Your IP Address
Obtain Your Account API Key
Installing The Software
Loading Expired Domains To Chase
Using The Drop Catch Software
Drop Catch Strategy

Whitelisting your desktop IP address

One of the most important steps to understand is that the software works
with your domain registrar. Therefore, you will need to add your desktop
IP address to the registrar you will be using. Make sure to enter your
public IP address. To obtain your outside facing IP address, you will want
to visit a website like: Copy the IP address shown and
paste it into your registrar’s settings page or email it to support.

Here is a list of where you would add the IP address:

Dynadot – API Settings Page
NameSilo – API Settings Page
Reseller Club – API Settings Page
RRPProxy – IP Address is emailed to support
ENOM – IP Address is emailed to support
Moniker – IP Address is emailed to support
Fabulous – IP Address is emailed to support
InternetX – IP Address is emailed to support
OnlineNic – IP Address is not required

Once you’ve added your IP address, you will be able to communication with
the domain registrar API server & begin registering domains.

*Note it can take up to one hour for the IP address change to take effect.

Obtain your account API key

Depending which software you use, you may need to obtain an API key from
your registrar account. The API key is usually easy to retrieve from your
account settings page. An API key is basically an encrypted string that
allows the registrar API server know who you are.

Installing the software

The software is designed to work on any Windows computer. All versions are
supported including Windows 95/NT/2000/ME/Vista/XP/Windows 7/Windows 8.
The software is fully compatible with all 32 bit & 64 bit systems. The
software will work on Mac computers but requires an emulator such as

Once you purchase the software, you will receive a link to download a
compressed file. The compressed file will be in WinRar format. WinRar is
free and you can download it here:

After you’ve extracted the files, you should have a folder with files and
an executable named Setup.exe. Simply double click the Setup.exe
executable and follow through the installation process.

When the install has completed, you will notice a shortcut was added to
your start menu. Clicking the Drop King icon will launch the software.

Loading expired domains to chase

You will need to compile a list of domain names to attempt to register.
Open a new text file with notepad. You will need to enter one domain name
per line. Make sure the text file doesn’t contain any spaces, foreign
characters or blank carriage returns.

Save the text file as a .txt file and name it anything you’d like. Make
note of where the file is saved, you will need it later.

Using the drop catch software

Opening up the DropKing software will show the software’s interface.
Depending which version of the software you are using, there will be
certain fields that need to be filed out.

We will go over each field in detail:

Load button – Use this button to load in the text file of domain names
you’d like to register. When you click this button, a dialog box will
appear prompting you to choose the text file.

Domain List – Once you’ve loaded a file, you will notice the domains
appear in the domain list. These are the domain(s) the software will
attempt to register.

API Key – This is where you will enter your registrar account API key.

Username – This is where you will enter your account username.

*********** – This is where you will enter your account password.

NS1 – This is where you enter your nameserver details.

NS2 – This is where you enter your second nameserver.

NIC ID – Some of the software titles require you to enter a whois handle ID. Basically when you create a whois record at your registrar, some registrars bind a NIC ID string to each whois record you create. Specifying the NIC ID allows the registrar to know what whois the domain will show.

1 – The number of years to register each domain.

Start Time – This is where you enter a start time for the drop catch
software to begin attempting to register domain names. This is based on
your computer’s clock.

Stop Time – This is where you enter a stop time for the software to stop trying to catch domains.

Set Time – This button will set the start & stop schedule of the software

Start – This button will instantly start the program and attempt to register the domains in your list for you.

Stop – This button will stop the program from attempting to register domain names.

Close Me – This button closes the program out.

Drop Catch Strategy

Depending on the registrar, you may want to keep certain factors in mind.
Some registrars allow you to bulk register domains while others only allow you to attempt to register one domain name at a time. If the registrar allows one domain at a time, you will want to keep your list short. This being because the more domains in your list, the longer it will take to cycle through all the domains. If the registrar allows bulk registrations, then this is not a problem and a long list is perfectly ok.

Some registrars have no problem with customers using multiple accounts. This would allow you to run multiple instances of the DropKing software, each using a different API key. The dropKing software is licensed to run with unlimited instances on the same computer.

If the nameservers are required, make sure they are live and ready. It is recommended that the nameservers be ready to ease the domain registration process.

Plan out your drop catching style. It is known that the most valuable domains that expire daily will attract the most attention. It is advised that the DropKing software be used for medium quality domains. Often times a customer will request a refund of the software because it cannot beat the backorder services. It’s not that the software is not working, it’s that the domain has attracted attention & everyone is chasing it. It is helpful to try to determine the domains the software can catch and which ones it will not be able to. This sometimes takes time and experience to figure out.

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